Version History


* Improved: Minor cosmetic improvements (and fixed typos) everywhere
* Improved: More descriptive window caption when not in fullscreen
* Improved: More responsive single player endgame
~ Fixed: Saving issues in editor for maps larger then 11x11


+ New: Hints in single player (hold H)
+ New: Skinned (pretty) dialog/popup windows
+ New: Level-unlocking cheat in single player. This code entered in level-selection screen unlocks access to everything.
+ New: Newly unlocked components are highlighted on the level-selection screen.
* Improved: Map name and author are displayed in multiplayer
* Improved: Tutorial has better text and little green arrows
* Improved: Delays between turns in single player are now affected by difficulty level
~ Fixed: Launching Malloc from installer did not always work
~ Fixed: Map editor saving/loading issues and missing "MENU" button
~ Fixed: Several remaining multiplayer bugs


+ New: Interactive tutorial (and new music for it)
+ New: Varying difficulty levels: easy/normal/hard
+ New: Low-Memory mode (can be set manually in malloc.ini)
+ New: Level editor!
* Improved: Better intaller and a new updater
* Improved: Faster start-up time
~ Fixed: Incorrect score drawing on many single-player levels
~ Fixed: Numerous multiplayer bugs and crashes


Initial release

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