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Malloc(); is an original board/puzzle game set in the world of computer hardware. In the primary storyline, player competes against the increasingly difficult AI on six boards. At the beginning of a new game, only two boards are open to the player, but more can be unlocked by winning the open levels. Consider going through a short and informative tutorial before starting the single-player campaign.

The story is told mainly through the use of 3D rendered cutscenes. A computer system in which the game is set becomes infected with a Virus, and an Antivirus is deployed by the System Kernel to delete the malicious program. You take the role of Malloc, a young and inexperienced antivirus program, and the last hope of the system. Each level in the game represents an important computer component, such as memory (RAM), hard drive (HDD), and four others. Winning against the AI signifies deleting the virus from that system component. The ultimate goal, of course, is to remove the virus from the system completely by beating all six levels. After CPU level (the last one) is completed, another cutscene shows how last of the virus units are driven out. There is also a hidden randomly-generated bonus level that will be revealed to the player when storyline is completed.

Malloc multiplayer mode has the same core gameplay, but allows up to 4 people to play on the same board via LAN. There are many made maps already included with the installation. A graphical map editor is included with the game, so you can create and easily share your own multiplayer maps.



Got problems with the game? This help page probably has the solution.


2013-07-05 :: Note on Windows support
Note that sound in games made with GamaMaker 6 (including Malloc) will not work on Windows Vista/7. Unfortunately this compatibility issue is caused by changed in DirectX. To fully experience the game, find a Windows XP box.
2007-04-13 :: Malloc 1.2.1 released
A minor update was released to fix map editor bug. There are also minor cosmetic improvements. See detailed changes..
2007-03-27 :: Malloc 1.2 released
This update fixes some remaining bugs in Malloc, including a serious saving/loading issue in the map editor, and adds a "Hint" feature to single player. There are also lots of cosmetic improvements.
2007-03-19 :: Malloc 1.1 released
This update adds a map editor, an interactive tutorial, and three difficulty levels to the game, as well as many bug fixes.
2007-03-14 :: Malloc is the winner!
Malloc was voted #1 in this year's UCSC Game Design class. Our team got an XBox 360 as the grand prize. Games of Distinction (

2007-03-08 :: Malloc 1.0 released
Finally, version 1.0 is out and availible for download.